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A brief high-pitched sound, as from an electronic device.
v. bleeped, bleep·ing, bleeps
To emit a bleep or bleeps.
To edit out (spoken material) from a broadcast or recording, especially by replacing with an electronic sound: The station bleeped out the expletives from the taped interview.


bleep′er n.


(ˈbli pɪŋ)

(used to replace a word or words regarded as objectionable): Get that bleeping cat out of here!
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Earlier this week, Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central's award-winning ``The Daily Show With Jon Stewart,'' sheepishly confessed on air to having used the same word on an episode last week without network censors noticing and bleeping it.
OSBOURNES NOT HARRIED YET: There was a bleeping mob scene at Virgin Megastore on Sunset Boulevard for the release of ``The Osbournes: The First Season'' DVD.
entionally watched only five bleeping minutes of the bleeping show because each year these bleeping ``artists'' try to outdo themselves.
What I'd want to happen in that case would be for the coach to pass up the field goal and try for the touchdown that would win the game and my bet - but oh, no, the selfish ingrate has to take the easy way out and let some wimpy soccer-player punk who doesn't even have a grass stain on his pants come out and kick the ball a whole 20 bleeping yards, and never mind that it's gonna ruin my entire bleeping life
This is how the head of the Scottish Power's repair crew explained it: "Whatever bleeping bleep from BT planted that bleeping pole wants his bleeping brains bleeping bleeped
Every time you walk past the room it's just bleeping constantly, somebody swearing somewhere and it's being constantly bleeped out.
The Emmy censors got a run for their money Sunday night when Ray Romano, Katherine Heigl, below, and Sally Field sent them scrambling for their bleeping buttons.
The wagons rev up, rattling along the road, bleeping again as they reverse.
I was just wondering if any of you were going bleeping crackers as well?
He added: "We cannot use a bleeping system because we have staggered crossings.
It was a good job I wasn't at work that day or the bleeping would have sent everyone mad
Beneath oversized X-ray cross-sections of the human torso, to the-electronic score of singing electrocardiograms and bleeping heart monitors, the dancers convincingly evoked the mysterious pleasures of the flesh.