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n. pl. blesbok or bles·boks
A South African antelope (Damaliscus pygargus subsp. phillipsi syn. D. dorcas subsp. phillipsi) having a reddish-brown coat, curved horns, and a white mark on the face.

[Afrikaans : bles, white mark on an animal's face (from Middle Dutch; see bhel- in Indo-European roots) + bok, buck (from Middle Dutch boc).]
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(ˈblɛsˌbʌk) or


n, pl -boks, -bok, -bucks or -buck
(Animals) an antelope, Damaliscus dorcas (or albifrons), of southern Africa. The coat is a deep reddish-brown with a white blaze between the eyes; the horns are lyre-shaped
[C19: Afrikaans, from Dutch bles blaze2 + bok goat, buck1]
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also bles•buck


n., pl. -boks also -bucks, (esp. collectively) -bok also -buck.
a large antelope, Damaliscus albifrons, of S Africa, having a blaze on the face.
[1815–25; < Afrikaans, = Dutch bles blaze2 + bok buck1]
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The bolt locked up completely while shooting at a blesbok, and it took a gunsmith to clear it.
A transgenic sweet potato cultivar 'Blesbok' developed in South Africa using the gene silencing technique to target the coat protein genes of the SPFMV, SPCSV, SPVG and SPMMV was found to have some level of resistance to these viral diseases compared to the conventional cultivars (Sivparsad and Gubba, 2014).
If you come early enough to the top- floor space in the Trumpet building on the Keyes Art Mile, you can catch sunset views with a cocktail by the bar; afterward, settle in for a feast of sea bass with orange and leek sauce (ZAR285/$24), tandoor quail with charred sweet potato chutney, coriander yogurt (ZAR215/$18), or the game of the day (options might include blesbok or kudu).
Most of these hunts will be structured around one or two primary "must-have" animals, usually greater kudu and perhaps gemsbok or nyala, and a selection of other animals will probably happen along: blesbok, impala, hartebeest, springbok, warthog, wildebeest, zebra, and more.
Caption: Lee Jurras (left) with old pal George Nonte--with African Blesbok.
carriage in wild game pheasants in Scotland, filarioid nematods, the antimicrobial susceptibility of Salmonella enterica from wild boar in Italy, and wildlife status, consumption patterns, and possible risks to consumers in Pakistan; meat inspection, sampling, and health schemes related to reindeer, game meat safety in the Netherlands, and wild gamebirds; chemical hazards related to lead content in game meat and copper in venison; hygiene aspects related to the microbial quality of springbok, black wildebeest, and blesbok in South Africa, and the pH of red deer in Italy; and production and quality issues in Scotland and in terms of fatty acid composition of game meat.
Years since Zebra Wildebeest Blesbok mpala Warthog Giraffe burn 5 46 12 4 8 1 3 4 32 11 2 8 22 10 3 38 12 16 7 20 11 2 63 24 10 7 4 12 1 65 33 26 29 0 1 Years since Eland Kudu Tsessebe Red Hartebeest Waterbuck burn 5 6 4 3 0 3 4 3 8 0 0 0 3 8 3 1 1 4 2 9 6 2 1 0 1 10 7 13 10 4 Years since Rhino Gemsbok Reedbuck Total dung burn 5 2 7 0 100 4 2 1 0 100 3 4 0 2 140 2 1 0 2 130 1 2 0 2 170
Comparison of the foraging strategies of blesbok and springbok on the Transvaal Highveld.
In species such as kudu, the horn weight could be around 2kg each, usually representing 2-3% or less of the body mass, while in species such as blesbok, springbok, and duiker it is even less.
Before I wised up and put everything on the dining room table, Lucy fouled a Blesbok skin, an impala skin, both bathroom throws, and a pile of laundry.