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(blăth′ər) also bleth·er (blĕth′-)
intr.v. blath·ered, blath·er·ing, blath·ers also bleth·ered or bleth·er·ing or bleth·ers
To talk nonsensically.
Nonsensical talk.

[Old Norse bladhra; see bhlē- in Indo-European roots.]

blath′er·er n.
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n (inf)Gequatsche nt (inf)
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References in classic literature ?
I knew him in Egypt three hundred years ago; I knew him in India five hundred years ago -- he is always blethering around in my way, everywhere I go; he makes me tired.
"And you a blethering old idiot!" roared Givenaught, springing up.
To all of which the Vice-Warden simply replied "Don't you be a great blethering goose!
"Thee mind what I tells 'ee," rejoins Rachel saucily, "and doan't 'ee kep blethering about fairings."
This Saturday on Fintry Community Bowling Green there will be an afternoon of eating, drinking, mingling, blethering and enjoying great music.
JOHN BARCLAY admits he was left blethering with builders to fight his way through the boredom of a summer in slow motion.
But in reality you meet an old mate in one of the bars and miss two bands while blethering.
This was: PS22,500 from bankers Goldman Sachs; PS36,660 for five hours' work on a Euro -referendum spiel to Barclays bankers and PS10,560 for a half hour 's work blethering to lawyers.
You can't beat a bit of Ballybrit blethering. It cranked up a notch in the last week as the countdown ticked into cramming time for the blokes and last-minute accessorising for the birds.
Finally, if Mrs Russell is such a big fan of wind power generation, why does she not stop blethering about nimbys in the press and get on with building a smaller turbine in her back garden?
There we were, enjoying the Sailor Jerry and the saucy dancers, when one of my staff and her friend start blethering to us.