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Noun1.bleu - cheese containing a blue moldbleu - cheese containing a blue mold  
cheese - a solid food prepared from the pressed curd of milk
Stilton - English blue cheese
Roquefort - French blue cheese
gorgonzola - Italian blue cheese
Danish blue - blue cheese of Denmark
Bavarian blue - blue cheese of Bavaria
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This consists of a simple gros de laine, trimmed with ashes of roses, with overskirt of scare bleu ventre saint gris, cut bias on the off-side, with facings of petit polonaise and narrow insertions of pa^te de foie gras backstitched to the mise en sce`ne in the form of a jeu d'esprit.
"Pas de chevaux, sacre bleu!" hissed out the furious domestic.
On that day the royal apartments were open to the public, and at the hour of High Mass the crowd flowed back towards the vestibule of the chapel to witness what was called the procession of the Cordons Bleus. The "Blue Ribbons" were the knights of the Order Du Saint-Esprit in their robes of ceremony, who came to range themselves in the choir according to the date of their creation.
"It was a pity," says her mother a little later "a pity you did not see the Cordons Bleus. Fancy!
This is the first exhibit in the country that will have classes for Millennium Bleus - a new breed which began to develop in 2000 and is a cross between a Bleu Du Maine ewe with a Beltex ram.
A total of 16 dedicated aspiring pastry chefs and food entrepreneurs will battle it out for the prize worth over PS40,000, to be presented by esteemed Le Cordon Bleu alumna, Mary Berry.
Le Cordon Bleu's colors, blue and white, matched the school colors of Ateneo de Manila University where it's located.
Le Cordon Bleu is the prestigious network of institutions dedicated to excellence in culinary training and entrepreneurial hospitality management.
worth over PS40,000, includes a year's membership of FSB; a place on Le Cordon Bleu's Diplome de Patisserie, recognised globally as one of the most respected culinary qualifications in pastry and baking; a three month Le Cordon Bleu Diploma in Culinary Management; an internship at the iconic Savoy Hotel; and 12 months luxury accommodation provided by Londonist.
Le Cordon Bleu is one of the top culinary institutions in the world and have produced numerous award-winning chefs.
Jose Ramon Villarin and Le Cordon Bleu president and CEO Andre J.