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1. A nonrigid, buoyant airship.
2. Derogatory An obese person.
v.intr. blimped, blimp·ing, blimps
Slang To become very fat. Often used with out: He's really blimped out since he got that desk job.

[Possibly imitative of the sound made by tapping the finger against the envelope of the airship.]


n. Chiefly British
A pompous, reactionary, ultranationalistic person.

[After Colonel Blimp, a cartoon character invented by David Low (1891-1963).]

Blimp′ish adj.


highly conservative and nationalistic


(ˈblɪm pɪʃ)

adj. (sometimes cap.)
pompously reactionary.
[1935–40; (Colonel) Blimp + -ish1]
blimp′ish•ness, n.
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Adj.1.blimpish - pompously ultraconservative and nationalistic
conservative - resistant to change


[ˈblɪmpɪʃ] ADJ (Brit) → reaccionario
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I suspect too that he suffered at some stage at the hands of some Blimpish English superior, and was always expecting to be high-hatted by us; or perhaps he was ostracized when he first came here?
and on the other hand, a Colonel Blimpish sort of moral indignation.
The legacy of that week is a country in which it seems everything now must be emoted, and to look askance upon excessive sentimentalism is to evince Blimpish tendencies that are no longer to be tolerated.
Seeking draconian punishment (Greek legislator Draco, 7th century BC, imposed the death penalty for minor offences) would be blimpish (Colonel Blimp was a pompous character in David Low cartoons in WW2) or perhaps chauvinist (Nicolas Chauvin, a notoriously patriotic supporter of Napoleon).
Ukip is in effect an English nationalist party whose Blimpish hierarchy provides a spectrum of right-wing bigotry and prejudice which at its extreme is on the same wavelength as the BNP or the English Defence League.
To bring it all up to date, I would like to propose a big cheer for the blimpish General Sir Nicholas Houghton, whose views on poppies and nuclear weapons have ruffled a few feathers.
Thatcher was made of sterner stuff than the blimpish Grocer, and eventually faced down Scargill and his troops.
It is difficult to imagine the pre-9/11 Hitchens forgetting himself to such an extent; and, to be fair, even Hitchens post-9/11 rarely sounds so Blimpish.
Snooty blue rinse bint to blimpish hubby: "My dear, look at that strange looking building.