False window

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(Arch.) See False door, above.

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And a blind window in Kilmarnock was threatened with eviction because she's being billed for spare rooms after the deaths of her husband and son in 2005.
Before we began our hunt, Roger made us all pass a shooting proficiency test, which included shooting with broadheads through a narrow window frame that simulated a blind window.
Tenders are invited for Supply And Fixing Of Vertical Blind Window Curtian Size 62 Sq,Mtr
At that moment he was broadside to my blind window, so I held the red-dot sight on my bow just above his back and released an arrow armed with a lighted nock.
Committed to my setup, two jakes passed my side blind window and disappeared.
Still box calling, I peeked through the back of the blind window and there stood a full strut gobbler.