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a. A local swelling of the skin that contains watery fluid and is caused by burning or irritation.
b. A similar swelling on a plant.
a. A raised bubble, as on a painted or laminated surface.
b. A rounded, bulging, usually transparent structure, such as one used for observation on certain aircraft or for display and protection of packaged products.
v. blis·tered, blis·ter·ing, blis·ters
1. To cause a blister to form on.
2. To reprove harshly.
To break out in or as if in blisters.

[Middle English, probably from Old French blestre, of Germanic origin.]

blis′ter·y adj.


adj to have blistered skin/feet/handsBlasen auf der Haut/an den Füßen/an den Händen haben; to be blisteredBlasen haben; blistered paintBlasen werfende Farbe
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He also discovered that healing was qualitatively far superior in areas protected by blistered skin and that blisters helped simplify wound care in burns cases.
They became severely blistered, with black and clear blisters they would peel, bleed, crack and then more blisters.
A TRY to wear shoes that don't rub the blistered area.