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Either way, what happens is the invasive germ causes a blistery red, weepy rash, typically somewhere on the face.
It may be bumpy and red, itchy, or blistery. Some patients also experience fever, headache, light sensitivity, and fatigue.
Although the weather was blistery and damp, about 1200 people showed up at Oxford's unimpressive Iffley Road track to watch the event.
The little girl suffers from what doctors diagnosed as aquagenic urticaria or a reaction to water that causes her to break out in hives that are described as "blistery rashes" on a ( GoFundMe set up for her by her mother.
Her show was electric and fun, but when she moved into her classics, including "Where The Boys Are" and "Mamma," the eyes of the audience collectively welled with tears as the music and the memories covered us like a warm blanket on a blistery morning.
The winter air felt blistery and froze anything that came in its path.
Blistery rash Known as dermatitis herpetiformis, Perry said this can be an indication of gluten intolerance.