block print

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block′ print`

a design printed by means of one or more blocks of wood or metal.
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It describes the impact of early block print traditions on modern American and New Mexican practices and traces the development of the medium over time, as well as themes of place, movement, space, and culture.
C and L curated items such as embroidered Hmong fabric for the block print collection and beaded tassels for the Ikat-stripe collection that add a pop of color and detail.
After looking at the Art Print and sharing/defining key vocabulary (engraving, outline, plate), model for students how to make a simple foam block print.
The pages are full of life, colour, design flourishes, block print repeats of images, and wonders as a single boy figures in each double page.
The featured block print is ideal for a quick and easy quilt or an accent border.
Dempster's linoleum block print illustrates the musical instrument, but instead of appearing as a rattlesnake's tail and rattle, it has the shape of a human heart.
The categories are ceremonial goods and luxury bedclothes, a famed block print, a necklace with 15.
1: Modern retro '60s block print pleat dress, pounds 25; knee socks, pounds 2.
Returning now to the magic square in our block print, one notes that the values in rows B-D are not arranged in a pattern of knight's moves.
9 Et Vous Citrus Block Print blouse, pounds 18, from Matalan.
PDAs like Palm can handle block print letters, but what happens when you want your computers to read cursive handwriting?
Twelve-foot-long hanging cloths of muslin or gauze, stained with tea, shellac, or both, feature photo-silkscreens of despairing male and female faces or nudes, with snatches of Dickinson's poems crudely stitched, stamped, or painted over the torso or face or stamped in block print below.