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adj. block·i·er, block·i·est


like a block, esp in shape and solidity
ˈblockiness n


(ˈblɒk i)

adj. block•i•er, block•i•est.
1. heavily built; stocky.
2. marked by blocks or patches, as in a photograph.
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Adj.1.blocky - resembling a block in shapeblocky - resembling a block in shape    
cubic, three-dimensional - having three dimensions


Short, heavy, and solidly built:
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Spirents solution supports any mobile video service, analyzes the video content itself to detect artifacts such as blockiness caused by over-compression, and performs scoring without prior knowledge of the original video.
It checks for video blockiness, dropouts, audio clipping, and other items such as looking for color bars and black sequences that should or shouldn't be present.
Finally, the most sophisticated tools, such as Tektronix's PQA software, let you focus your testing on specific issues, such as artifact or blockiness detection, using both full reference models (compressed compared with the original) and non-reference models (analyzing the compressed file only, which is faster).
In the latter capacity, the museum's blockiness seems to point toward Rem Koolhaas's Casa da Musica in Portugal.
Regardless of FR, RR, or NR, typical pixel-based methods estimate the video quality from measuring features, such as blur [2][3], blockiness [4] or motion jerkiness, but the calculation of feature quantities causes high computing complexity.
Correlations between the ranginess FS and the blockiness FS were low especially when the blockiness FS were corrected for metatarsal length (-0.
264 encoded content, including stuck, black, blockiness as well as compression artifacts.
The rate of chain transfer and the blockiness of the product are controlled by monomer and diethyl zinc concentrations.
It is also known that any kind of blockiness, resulting from the occurrence of long comonomer sequences along the macromolecular chain, has a negative influence on the softness and, at the same time, can affect the peroxidic cross-linkability of the material: PP blocks show a high tendency towards visbreaking whereas PE blocks tend to cross-link.
The logic of Horn's work assumes that the serialized frieze or grid of photographs, as well as the floor-based serial sculpture, is a system of meaning whose very blockiness and regularity seeks to q uell or contain the wild polysemy of its referents (objects, faces, atmospheres).
The unit enables the quick identification of the most annoying MPEG picture defects, such as blockiness, uncorrelated Gaussian noise, frozen frames and loss of service.
The long horizontals of the reading room floating over a stony base are underscored by wooden cladding, the whole counterpoised to the blockiness of the impassive white cubic repository on the one hand, and the transparent entrance box with its flash of scarlet wall on the other.