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Resembling a block, as in shape.

block′ish·ly adv.
block′ish·ness n.


lacking vivacity or imagination; stupid
ˈblockishly adv
ˈblockishness n


(ˈblɒk ɪʃ)

like a block; dull; stupid.
block′ish•ly, adv.
block′ish•ness, n.
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Adj.1.blockish - resembling a block in shapeblockish - resembling a block in shape    
cubic, three-dimensional - having three dimensions


adj (inf)dumm, doof (inf)
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Freezing is the earthly blockish insensible condition of a soul which may indeed be melted by warm breath but must first be so melted before it can sway to it.
It's cream suede, a blockish couch, with a chaise longue at one end.
Donkey is portrayed as good natured, slow and blockish creature in European and ancient Mesopotamian proverbs (Broyle, 2005).
there are two species of melancholy: one natural, which is the dross of the blood, whose temperature is cold and dry, accompanied with a substance very gross; this serves not of any value for the wit but maketh men blockish, sluggards, and grinners, because they want imagination.
Assembled from prefabricated slabs, they rose from the citrus groves in big blockish shapes that resembled space stations.
Try some stitches that are blockish, with straight lines and angles.
what's this massive, blockish, often grey and dull monolith we deem "history"?
First, she dialed their old code, 5318008 (which, turned upside down, spelled out BOOBIES in blockish characters on the screen).