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adj. block·i·er, block·i·est


like a block, esp in shape and solidity
ˈblockiness n


(ˈblɒk i)

adj. block•i•er, block•i•est.
1. heavily built; stocky.
2. marked by blocks or patches, as in a photograph.
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Adj.1.blocky - resembling a block in shapeblocky - resembling a block in shape    
cubic, three-dimensional - having three dimensions


Short, heavy, and solidly built:
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Blocky features and a blunt, square muzzle generally indicate a boar.
You don't want your brows to look blocky or drawn on.
In the prototype stage, the phone appears to have a rather blocky casing which does not go in sync with the current design language.
"There were a lot of black, blocky boxes [when I started in tech design]," notes Olsson.
Tenders are invited for blasting grit, alumina zirconia p/n: mca1360/60: blasting grit, alumina zirconia, blocky shape, 4.3 grams/cc true specific gravity, 25% grade requires longest possible shelf life and most current sds when shipping., 40000, lbs;
Ideally choose ones that don't have a back, especially if they're going under windows, as they will feel more blocky than a normal bench.
In January 2018, Great Western announced the acquisition of 11,000 acres in the core of their current footprint, creating a relatively large blocky area to develop.
More than a year after its release, the Nintendo Switch version of "Minecraft" will soon allow players to build blocky worlds with their friends across the Xbox, PC, mobile and VR platforms.
It features an angular, blocky theme with rounded-off edges throughout the car's exterior and the theme also follows into the interior, which has a rectangular infotainment display and an angular gearshift lever.
For example, coyotes have taller, pointed ears and a pointed face and muzzle while wolves have shorter rounder ears and a blocky face and muzzle.
D'Arcangelo occasionally experimented with idiosyncratic compositional schemes--here seen in the blocky multiverses of Two Tanks, 1978-79, in which the title objects are set amid a series of rectangular windows containing shards of sky and prairie and electrical lines, an unusually literal (and untypically fussy) evocation of the interpenetration of the built and "natural" worlds.
The 38-year-old's blue jeans are perfect for enjoying the last of the summer sun, especially when paired with blocky sandals.