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adj. block·i·er, block·i·est


like a block, esp in shape and solidity
ˈblockiness n


(ˈblɒk i)

adj. block•i•er, block•i•est.
1. heavily built; stocky.
2. marked by blocks or patches, as in a photograph.
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Adj.1.blocky - resembling a block in shapeblocky - resembling a block in shape    
cubic, three-dimensional - having three dimensions


Short, heavy, and solidly built:
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It featured a retro, blocky look but allowed players to build various 3D constructs using cubes.
For example, coyotes have taller, pointed ears and a pointed face and muzzle while wolves have shorter rounder ears and a blocky face and muzzle.
The 38-year-old's blue jeans are perfect for enjoying the last of the summer sun, especially when paired with blocky sandals.
Signs of interference include the loss of channels or sound, pictures going blocky, freezing or the TV screen going blank or showing a 'No Signal' message.
The brief trailer shows the game's existing blocky elements and early textures untouched, though some of the blocky shapes now have smaller blocks chiseled out.
Where these vortices encounter the surface, they sweep away the small particles that sit loose on the surface, exposing the bigger blocky material underneath, and that's what gives us these streaks," Brown University geologist Peter Schultz explained in the (https://news.
They are described as giving the impression of great strength for their medium/large size, with a muscular body and blocky head.
If you're short on space it can double as a bedside table - it's less blocky, so seems to take up less space.
The e300 unit's standard class carriage from the Waterloo station days is a blocky dirge of browns and oranges.
Tenders are invited for Roof Treatment By Providing Bitumen Paint At C Type Quarters 08 Block Basant Vihar And 4 Blocky Sur Vihar Colony Under Ashok Project.
The peppers I am discussing are sweet red peppers that we most commonly see today as the big blocky high-shouldered hybrids.
This is due to 4G signals sitting next to the 800MHZ frequency used by Freeview, and could cause loss of channels, a blocky picture, or even a "no signal" message.