blood blister

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Noun1.blood blister - blister containing blood or bloody serum usually caused by an injury
bleb, blister - (pathology) an elevation of the skin filled with serous fluid
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"I just remember afterwards Jane had a blood blister at the top of her eye - my nail went up into her eye.
I wondered if it was a blood blister. They looked at it briefly and insisted it was a verruca.
Physical examination by our institution's Child Protection Team revealed clitoral hood swelling with subepithelial hemorrhages, a blood blister on the right labia minora, a fissure and subepithelial hemorrhages on the posterior fourchette, and a thin depigmented figure-of-eight lesion around the vulva and anus.
He had a tiny cut on one finger and a blood blister on another after his left hand made contact with shortstop Gleyber Torres' spike on a headfirst slide on an unsuccessful stolen base attempt in the ninth.
With a blood blister on the foot and a seized up tendon on the other leg - I had to call it quits and settle with 5km short of the target, finishing at 8.45am on Saturday morning," an excited McNeil told Gulf Times.
A cutaneous hemangioma is a benign neoplasm (growth) on the skin that looks a lot like a blood blister (angiokeratoma).
(Oh, my, it's time to christen these blood blisters,
The record show one airman was treated for a blood blister after trapping his finger while another strained his back moving a display cabinet.
Their feet get soft and it's like a blood blister underneath your foot.
(7) Although skin necrosis accompanied by a blood blister is observed after several hours, numerous bacilli will be present in this blister and treatment will no longer be effective.
This achievement was to sustain her marriage and family following the death of her younger son, Calvin Coolidge, Jr., in 1924 of an infected blood blister that developed after the 16-year-old played tennis on the White House courts.