blood blister

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Noun1.blood blister - blister containing blood or bloody serum usually caused by an injury
bleb, bulla, blister - (pathology) an elevation of the skin filled with serous fluid
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Nala, from Co Derry, was suffering from a large blood blister and after it was drained, the buttons were sewn on using medical grade suture under anaesthetic.
Oh, my, it's time to christen these blood blisters,
Their feet get soft and it's like a blood blister underneath your foot.
7) Although skin necrosis accompanied by a blood blister is observed after several hours, numerous bacilli will be present in this blister and treatment will no longer be effective.
in 1924 of an infected blood blister that developed after the 16-year-old played tennis on the White House courts.
My 13-year-old Yorkshire terrier has a blood blister.
An examination of Oliver showed he was also covered in bruises, had nip injuries to his ear, a blood blister on his toe, an umbilical hernia and had not been washed properly.
My dad thinks that it's a blood blister, or a plantar wart with a blood blister.
Escobar had already developed a blood blister when he hit the White Sox' catcher and that is what manager Mike Scioscia blamed for the errant pitch.
Keedy sent down 28 overs despite suffering from a blood blister on his bowling hand and the after-effects of a dislocated finger on the other.
The seven-year-old picked up a blood blister on his backside when struggling to get to his feet after lying down in his box at Rosewell House just across the road from the racecourse.
Bob Rabenberg adds that it "was a good way to get a blood blister if you didn't grip it in the right place.