blood brotherhood

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blood brother

1. A brother by birth.
2. One of two individuals who vow mutual fidelity and trust by a ceremony involving the mingling of each other's blood.

blood brotherhood n.
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Noun1.blood brotherhood - the friendship characteristic of blood brothers
friendly relationship, friendship - the state of being friends (or friendly)
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Even the blood brotherhood was outside the favour of the Red One.
Hugely interested, he watched the slashing of the three brown arms and the exchange of blood with Mbonga, the chief, in the rites of the ceremony of blood brotherhood.
This well-researched book explores the history of Black internationalism to examine how the African Blood Brotherhood (1919) and the International African Service Bureau (1937) promoted Black Diasporic alliances to create a Black radical internationalism of Marxist social and political thought.
Makalani examines the black radical international movements, socialist in orientation, that critiqued the nationalist/capitalist orientation of Garvey and led to the creation of the African Blood Brotherhood (1919).
In addition to these two books, the series Bloodlines includes Blood Brotherhood and Fighting Phantoms.
Subsequently falling in with a bandit gang led by Zhao Erhu (Lau) and sidekick Jiang Wuyang (Takeshi Kaneshiro), Pang saves Jiang's life, and the three men swear blood brotherhood.
Reed stayed on in the area, finishing his dissertation and cementing familial ties with the members of "his" longhouse in Sungai Sedik (including blood brotherhood with Umping, a colorful and intelligent Iban politician and businessman).
AS young swastika-painting teens in 1933 Germany, Daniel and Armin swear everlasting blood brotherhood and hope to join the Hitler Youth.
One such group was the African Blood Brotherhood for African Liberation and Redemption (ABB), first announced in the pages of West Indian immigrant Cyril Briggs' radical periodical the Crusader.
From this perspective, the UNIA--like the African Blood Brotherhood, the radical Messenger newspaper, the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, and similar contemporaries--might share far more with the postwar rebels than with the late-Victorianism of the Freemasons.
Dreaming in waking blood brotherhood of those tried to live paradise