blood clotting

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blood clot

A semisolid gelatinous mass of coagulated blood that consists of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets entrapped in a fibrin network.

blood clotting n.
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Noun1.blood clotting - a process in which liquid blood is changed into a semisolid mass (a blood clot)
clotting, coagulation, curdling - the process of forming semisolid lumps in a liquid
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Ginger Ginger is another antiinflammatory spice that may stop blood clotting. It contains a natural acid called salicylate.
"Further research is necessary to confirm these findings, but these studies suggest patients without known cardiovascular disease but with elevated TMAO levels may benefit from aspirin and diet modification in preventing blood clotting, which can lead to heart attack and stroke.
Blood clotting, which involves the interplay of cellular elements called platelets and a number of clotting factors that bear common and Roman numeral names, plays an important role in maintaining the integrity of blood vessels.
The researchers showed that the amount of these tags found in the urine is directly proportional to the level of blood clotting in the mice's lungs.
* Other "hypercoaguable states" (medical conditions known to increase the risk of spontaneous blood clotting)
All the patients were found to be at higher risk of thromboembolic disease, or blood clotting, than men in the general population.