blood dyscrasia

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Noun1.blood dyscrasia - any abnormal condition of the blood
dyscrasia - an abnormal or physiologically unbalanced state of the body
blood disease, blood disorder - a disease or disorder of the blood
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The exclusion criteria for this study were: refusal to receive blood products for any reason, a history of blood dyscrasia or other clotting abnormality, anterior only surgical approach, or current use of an anticoagulant.
History of blood dyscrasia and other hematological disorders were also explored and were found to be normal.
He was first evaluated at our center in 2012 at 4 months of age with a perinatal history of cholestasis and hypoglycemia; severe jaundice (Kramer scale score of 5); severe hepatosplenomegaly (liver and spleen 5 cm below the costal margin); failure to thrive, weighing 5150 g (z score of -2.51) and measuring 60.5 cm (z score of -1.43), with a BMI of 14.1 (z score of -2.35); blood dyscrasia; impaired liver function, with severe hepatic and canalicular enzyme level elevations; and very high total cholesterol, low HDL-C, and high LDL-C levels.
This result is in accordance with previous findings that a significant number of patients who have previously experienced neutropenia or agranulocytosis during clozapine therapy will develop a blood dyscrasia on rechallenge.
Most commonly it is indicated pre- or post-operatively in building-up and making up the loss; in blood loss such as accidents and surgical operations; blood disorders such as hemophilia, purpura, clotting defect; and blood diseases such as severe anemia, leukemia, and blood dyscrasia.