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Blood grouping was done, and subjects were grouped into A, B, AB, and O blood groups depending on the results.
Genes for the ABO blood grouping system are located on chromosome 9q34.
Dental tissues play a very Important role for forensic purposes, because it is the hardest of all human tissues and can be preserved for a prolonged duration even subsequent to death, The aim of the this study was to determine the ABO blood grouping from the pulpal tissue of extracted teeth and to correlate the same with blood group details obtained from the study subjects.
In our institution, it is mandatory for all the medical students to do their blood grouping, bleeding time and clotting time during their 1st year of study as a part of their training program.
Growth in the blood group typing market is primarily attributed to the increasing demand for blood and blood products, growing number of road accidents and trauma cases that necessitate blood transfusion, need for blood grouping during prenatal testing, and increasing usage of blood group typing in forensic sciences.
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The test was provided by adding of one drop of appropriately diluted blood grouping reagent (Anti-A, Anti-B, or Anti-H) and one drop of patient's saliva.
Antigen, antibody agglutination test using anti-sera of Bio-laboratory USA was performed by classical slide method for the determination of ABO blood grouping and Rh-D factor.
EDTA blood samples were used for blood grouping, and clotted blood for the analysis of serum ALP.
(6.) Adam, S., et al., Are laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma incidence and patient mortality a function of ABO blood grouping? A retrospective study.