blood kinship

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Noun1.blood kinship - (anthropology) related by blood
anthropology - the social science that studies the origins and social relationships of human beings
family relationship, kinship, relationship - (anthropology) relatedness or connection by blood or marriage or adoption
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The measures we took to protect our countries and peoples did not target the Qatari people who share with us bonds of fraternity, blood kinship and affinity.
Furthermore, they affirm that their measures do not target the Qatari people who share with them bonds of fraternity, blood kinship and affinity and even hail from the same tribes as the people in some of the boycotting countries.
Commenting on the current gulf crisis, Ghandour has st4ressed that Sudan would work to mend the fences between its sisters and brothers and that he was sure that the leaders of those countries would reconcile as they what bound them is more than blood kinship.
Where blood kinship did not exist, the expectation of obligations that replicated those of kinship often helped to form other relationships.
The former was based on ties of blood kinship, while the latter rested on a shared history of oppression.
In her second major theme, Herman explores the quest for what she evocatively names "realness," a doomed endeavor for adoptive families within the normative regime of blood kinship.
For Cowan, this emphasizes the importance of the material model of blood kinship over the spiritual model of kinship (p.
This dislocating, ecstatic, and achronological effect of blood kinship is what Benardete calls Antigone's uncanninness.
In both cases, they become related to Abraham in a metaphorical sense, because both groups are children of Abraham now by virtue of having faith rather than by blood kinship.