blood sports

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The royal family has a long tradition of enjoying blood sport. Due to the Prince of Wales' love for blood sports, ( Anthony Holden , author of "Charles, Prince of Wales," claimed that the future king was branded "Hooligan of the Year" following a boar-hunting expedition in Liechtenstein in 1978.
As an Arsenal fan, I'm disgusted" Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn hits out at the TV service launched by the football club showing blood sports and hunting shows "Heart-throbs are a dime a dozen" Hollywood star Brad Pitt "I think Nick Clegg has a duty to put right what he did wrong.
JEREMY Corbyn said he is "disgusted" the majority shareholder of Arsenal has launched a TV service in the UK that will show blood sports and hunting shows.
Barbaric blood sports are understandably unpopular in not just towns and cities, but in rural areas too.
Blood sports are cruel and barbaric and we do not want to go back in time to watch hares and foxes being chased and ripped to pieces or deers being chased until they collapse from exhaustion.
I despise all blood sports and the people who enjoy partaking in them, whatever their class.
Parliament enacted laws abolishing lower-class blood sports, such as cock-fighting and bull-baiting, a century and a half before hunting foxes with hounds was finally prohibited by act of Parliament in 2004.
Yesterday, his management released a statement stating that the star did not know the nature of the event and insisted he did not endorse blood sports.
We have a government that has banned blood sports and badger culling.
If cruelty was the criterion, all blood sports should be banned, but that would be political suicide, so the murder of innocent animals continues.
ANGRY pro-hunting groups have claimed the Government is trying to ban blood sports.
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