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Noun1.bloodberry - bushy houseplant having white to pale pink flowers followed by racemes of scarlet berries; tropical Americas
genus Rivina, Rivina - small genus of erect perennial shrubby herbs; tropical and subtropical America
houseplant - any of a variety of plants grown indoors for decorative purposes
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Host Family Host Species Common Name Apocynaceae Calotropis gigantean (2) giant milkweed Araliaceae Polyscias guifoylei (2) frosted aralia Boraginaceae Cordia globosa (2) bloodberry Oleaceae Forestiera segregata (1) Florida swamp privet Verbenaceae Lantana involucrata (1) buttonsage Rubiaceae Hamelia patens (2) firebush Rubiaceae Pentas lanceolta (2) star flower Verbenaceae Stachytarpheta jamaicensis (2) blue porterweed Verbenaceae Aloysia gratissima (2) whitebrush Host Family Adult Nymphs Eggs FSCA No.
To appreciate just how newsworthy, by Escanaba standards, this film is, one needs only to peruse a recently published millennial Escanaba retrospective,which includes in its "Faces of the 20th Century" a local chemist who invented something called "bloodberry gum" and a man who "helped bring natural gas service to the area." What's more, the Movie People are here not to use this ore town in Michigan's Upper Peninsula as an anonymous backdrop; they are here to carry Escanaba to the silvery brink of eponymous fame.