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Causing great horror; terrifying.

blood′cur′dling·ly adv.


terrifying; horrifying
ˈbloodˌcurdlingly adv


(ˈblʌdˌkɜrd lɪŋ, -ˌkɜr dl ɪŋ)

arousing terror.
blood′cur`dler, n.
blood′cur`dling•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.bloodcurdling - extremely alarming
alarming - frightening because of an awareness of danger


Causing great horror:
مُفْزِعٌ، مُرَوِّعٌ


[ˈblʌdˌkɜːdlɪŋ] ADJespeluznante


[ˈblʌdkɜːrdlɪŋ] adj [cry] → à vous glacer le sangblood disorder nmaladie f du sangblood donor ndonneur/euse m/f de sangblood feud n (= vendetta) → vendetta mblood flow ncirculation f sanguine
blood flow to the feet → l'afflux de sang aux piedsblood group ngroupe m sanguinblood heat ntempérature f du sang


[ˈblʌdˌkɜːdlɪŋ] adjraccapricciante, da far gelare il sangue


(blad) noun
1. the red fluid pumped through the body by the heart. Blood poured from the wound in his side.
2. descent or ancestors. He is of royal blood.
ˈbloodless adjective
1. without the shedding of blood. a bloodless victory.
2. anaemic. She is definitely bloodless.
ˈbloody adjective
1. stained with blood. a bloody shirt; His clothes were torn and bloody.
2. bleeding. a bloody nose.
3. murderous and cruel. a bloody battle.
4. used in slang vulgarly for emphasis. That bloody car ran over my foot!
ˈbloodcurdling adjective
terrifying and horrible. a blood-curdling scream.
blood donor
a person who gives blood for use by another person in transfusion etc.
blood group/type
any one of the types into which human blood is classified. Her blood group is O.
ˈblood-poisoning noun
an infection of the blood. He is suffering from blood-poisoning.
blood pressure
the (amount of) pressure of the blood on the walls of the blood-vessels. The excitement will raise his blood pressure.
ˈbloodshed noun
deaths or shedding of blood. There was much bloodshed in the battle.
ˈbloodshot adjective
(of eyes) full of red lines and inflamed with blood.
ˈbloodstained adjective
stained with blood. a bloodstained bandage.
ˈbloodstream noun
the blood flowing through the body. The poison entered her bloodstream.
ˈblood test noun
an analysis of a patient's blood to find out if he/she has any diseases. etc.
ˈbloodthirsty adjective
1. eager to kill people. a bloodthirsty warrior.
2. (of a film etc) full of scenes in which there is much killing.
ˈbloodthirstiness noun
ˈblood transfusion noun
the process of giving blood to someone through the veins during an operation etc.
ˈblood-vessel noun
any of the tubes in the body through which the blood flows. He has burst a blood-vessel.
in cold blood
while free from excitement or passion. He killed his son in cold blood.
References in classic literature ?
As his antagonist came roaring toward him, Lord Greystoke tore his long knife from its sheath, and with an answering challenge as horrid and bloodcurdling as that of the beast he faced, rushed swiftly to meet the attack.
But out of nowhere, you see on the mirror the reflection of the Demogorgon, the predatory humanoid with a bloodcurdling mouth for a face from 'Stranger Things.' He reaches for your hair, in a totally unexpected turn of events, combs your locks with his long, sharp fingers, as if examining the dry state of your hair.
But there is more to this than meets the eye--and the two friends find themselves embroiled in Nolan's feud with the murderous Sullivan clan in series of bloodcurdling encounters in which they must kill or be killed.
Let's ram their bloodcurdling denunciations down the throats of a shameless Brexit elite now backing Theresa May for personal interests.
According to local reports, the girl gave "bloodcurdling screams" when her father physically abused her at their home in Joplin.
Bathurst said: "I've played soldiers before but find I handle guns with all the bloodcurdling authority of Sergeant Wilson.
Later that night, we will have a showing of the bloodcurdling Mommie Dearest, in which Joan Crawford's callous and abusive behaviour towards her children will put your mild arachnophobia in perspective.
The Saw Maze invites visitors to stumble down a well-trodden path, with bloodcurdling screams, pyrotechnics, plenty of fake blood and some memorable scenes from the franchise hidden around every corner.
THE reaction to our story on brand new bloodcurdling Halloween event Psycho Path has been huge...
There are undeniable thrills and entrails spills, and Bayona choreographs the carnage with flashes of directorial brio, but the jump scares and bloodcurdling screams are largely secondhand.