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1. Having blood or a temperament of a specified kind. Used only in combination: a cold-blooded reptile; a hot-blooded person.
2. Thoroughbred: blooded breeding stock.


1. (Zoology) (of horses, cattle, etc) of good breeding
2. (in combination) having blood or temperament as specified: hot-blooded, cold-blooded, warm-blooded, red-blooded, blue-blooded.


(ˈblʌd ɪd)

1. having blood of a specified kind (used in combination): warm-blooded animals.
2. purebred.
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Adj.1.blooded - of unmixed ancestry; "full-blooded Native American"; "blooded Jersies"
purebred - bred for many generations from member of a recognized breed or strain
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Even before the music began, the stage action plunged immediately into "reality opera" as Attila s brutal thugs cold bloodedly shot three helpless women captives in the first of Uzan's heavy-handed demon-strations of this seldom-performed Verdi opera s contemporary relevance.
But the film does not only focus on how the media may mishandle such situations, or even cold bloodedly exploit them.
The officers were in a coffee shop preparing for their shift when a gunman entered and cold bloodedly opened fire on them killing all of them on the scene.
Iqbal Masih, a bonded child labourer working in a carpet factory, was murdered cold bloodedly when he and two of his friends were riding bicycles in their home village of Muridke (Punjab) on Easter day (April 16) this year.