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1. Deficient in or lacking blood.
2. Pale and anemic in color: smiled with bloodless lips.
3. Achieved without bloodshed: a bloodless coup.
4. Lacking vivacity or spirit: a long, bloodless speech.
5. Devoid of human emotion or feeling: charts of bloodless economic indicators.

blood′less·ly adv.
blood′less·ness n.
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n (of victory, coup)Unblutigkeit f; (= pallidness)Blutleere f, → Bleichheit f
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His daughter, Dianne Beagrie, noticed that he had developed a grey pallor - but he had attributed it to "bloodlessness" and thought his tiredness was merely a result of his age.
If one side-miracle of Edsa was its relative bloodlessness, how could the credit go to Ninoy or Cory for that matter?
The deposition of King James VII and II in 1688 was celebrated at the time for its comparative bloodlessness. Yet it cast a 60-year shadow over Britain.
bloodlessness of Crimea was due not to restraint in Moscow, but to
I would argue that it functions as an oblique form of bloodlessness that is designed less to combat the potential suspicion arising from Fanny's paternal lineage than to dismiss the criteria of bloodlines altogether.
Something else must be invoked to account for the bloodlessness of investors and entrepreneurs during recent years.