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1. Eager to cause or see the shedding of blood.
2. Characterized by violence or carnage: a bloodthirsty scene in a play.

blood′thirst′i·ly adv.
blood′thirst′i·ness n.
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Noun1.bloodthirstiness - a disposition to shed blood
disposition, temperament - your usual mood; "he has a happy disposition"
تَعَطُّشٌ لِلدَّم
drápsgirni, blóîòorsti
kana susamışlık


[ˈblʌdˌθɜːstɪnɪs] N [of person, animal] → sed f de sangre, carácter m sanguinario; [of film, book] → lo sangriento


(blad) noun
1. the red fluid pumped through the body by the heart. Blood poured from the wound in his side.
2. descent or ancestors. He is of royal blood.
ˈbloodless adjective
1. without the shedding of blood. a bloodless victory.
2. anaemic. She is definitely bloodless.
ˈbloody adjective
1. stained with blood. a bloody shirt; His clothes were torn and bloody.
2. bleeding. a bloody nose.
3. murderous and cruel. a bloody battle.
4. used in slang vulgarly for emphasis. That bloody car ran over my foot!
ˈbloodcurdling adjective
terrifying and horrible. a blood-curdling scream.
blood donor
a person who gives blood for use by another person in transfusion etc.
blood group/type
any one of the types into which human blood is classified. Her blood group is O.
ˈblood-poisoning noun
an infection of the blood. He is suffering from blood-poisoning.
blood pressure
the (amount of) pressure of the blood on the walls of the blood-vessels. The excitement will raise his blood pressure.
ˈbloodshed noun
deaths or shedding of blood. There was much bloodshed in the battle.
ˈbloodshot adjective
(of eyes) full of red lines and inflamed with blood.
ˈbloodstained adjective
stained with blood. a bloodstained bandage.
ˈbloodstream noun
the blood flowing through the body. The poison entered her bloodstream.
ˈblood test noun
an analysis of a patient's blood to find out if he/she has any diseases. etc.
ˈbloodthirsty adjective
1. eager to kill people. a bloodthirsty warrior.
2. (of a film etc) full of scenes in which there is much killing.
ˈbloodthirstiness noun
ˈblood transfusion noun
the process of giving blood to someone through the veins during an operation etc.
ˈblood-vessel noun
any of the tubes in the body through which the blood flows. He has burst a blood-vessel.
in cold blood
while free from excitement or passion. He killed his son in cold blood.
References in classic literature ?
You yourself know that I am not addicted to bloodthirstiness, and therefore that I cannot really be guilty of the fault in question, seeing that neither my mind nor my heart have participated in it.
Thomson, who quite unconsciously had drawn a revolver from his pocket, shot him through the heart, watched him jump up and fall, a senseless, shapeless heap upon the bottom of the steps, and, with a queer instinct of bloodthirstiness, ran down the line of the wrecked Zeppelin, seeking for more victims.
His career was cut short in tragically ironical fashion at the age of thirty by the plots of his enemies and the dying bloodthirstiness of King Henry, which together led to his execution on a trumped-up charge of treason.
Strange, too, for one who has kept his calmness throughout the contest, to observe the bloodthirstiness that is developed in the hour of triumph, and to be conscious that he is himself among its objects
In an instant, he was the centre of a brood of baby-fiends, who lifted sticks against him, pelted him with stones, and displayed an instinct of destruction far more loathsome than the bloodthirstiness of manhood.
When trying to explain away human behavior, many people point to predator-prey dynamics to configure and justify our own bloodthirstiness.
Since his election, he has publicly urged people to murder drug addicts, described children killed in the drug war as "collateral damage," likened his own bloodthirstiness to Adolf Hitler's, and told police they needn't worry about being investigated for excessive use of force.
From some members of parliament to journalists -- leave alone the understandable anger of families of 257 victims of the 1993 Mumbai blasts -- a certain bloodthirstiness has taken over the national mood.
Al-Shabab is a very violent organization noted for its bloodthirstiness and for repeated attacks on civilians in Kenya.
The Nanking Massacre reveals that it wasn't racial characteristics that made the image of the Imperial Japanese one of barbarism and bloodthirstiness.
Yes, there were numerous antisemitic postcards feeding on the worst cliches about Jews--devilish nature, greed, deicide, bloodthirstiness, double allegiance, and disloyalty.
In "Orcagna's Folly and Cellini's Pillow," his commentary on the bloodthirstiness of the famous sculptures overlooking Piazza della Signoria segues into the modern entropy of our human upper crust as it opposes the tough hoi polloi: "indeed, no woman (or man, for that matter) could pass / without the imminent threat of rape or some form of violence--/ celebrated in bronze and marble, // .