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A blood test or a group of blood tests.
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So far, the zoo has drawn only enough blood to do routine bloodwork, all of which has come back normal, D'Agostino said.
When the city hired a new insurance broker more than four years ago, bloodwork was done on the city staff.
The only interruption in his treatment was the result of the individual defying his doctor's orders and refusing to provide necessary bloodwork.
Gone are nearly automatic X-rays, EKGs and extensive bloodwork for everyone.
Your veterinarian will listen carefully with a stethoscope, check your cat's blood pressure, and possibly do some bloodwork if a murmur is detected.
If you think you may be at risk, ask your doctor if you can be tested, or include a CRP test when you have your annual bloodwork done.
For pet chickens, I recommend annual examinations, bloodwork, and fecal analysis, as I would for other avian species.
Since there are other disease processes that can present these symptoms, your veterinarian will rely on a physical examination, bloodwork, and other tests to correctly diagnose.
The dog was due, anyway, but she explained that annual bloodwork is important for catching certain ailments that can occur in older dogs.
A family member's first response to my diagnosis was to tell me that I have always been a hypochondriac, and it must be something else--even when I had the bloodwork to prove it," she says.
r-hCG was offered to patients immediately following their ultrasound, prior to reviewing their bloodwork for the day, thus a proportion of patients received r-hCG in the presence of an LH surge.
Standard URR bloodwork collection protocol was followed: Pre- and post-dialysis blood specimens were collected and sent, along with the corresponding requisitions, for analysis and calculation off-site at LifeLabs according to routine protocol.