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1. Any of various marine polychaete worms of the genus Glycera, having bright red bodies and often used for bait.
2. Any of various freshwater larvae of certain midges that are red as a result of the high hemoglobin content of their blood.
3. Any of various parasitic worms of the genus Strongylus that infect the intestinal systems of horses. Also called redworm.


1. (Animals) the red wormlike aquatic larva of the midge, Chironomus plumosus, which lives at the bottom of stagnant pools and ditches
2. (Animals) a freshwater oligochaete tubifex worm
3. (Fishing) any of several small reddish worms used as angling bait



1. any of several small red annelid worms, esp. various earthworms.
2. the freshwater larva of midges.
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Noun1.bloodworm - a segmented marine worm with bright red body; often used for bait
polychaete, polychaete worm, polychete, polychete worm - chiefly marine annelids possessing both sexes and having paired appendages (parapodia) bearing bristles
genus Polycirrus, Polycirrus - genus of soft-bodied polychete marine worms
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Bloodworms and various lures produced some good catches.
Fish of 3lb to 7lb have been coming to the net, mainly from the first four feet of water, tempted by lures, bloodworms and sometimes dries.
paragraph] Lest you think these gooey organic zones represent dead, fishless water, consider: A single square meter can host up to 50,000 burrowing invertebrates--nearly all of them tube-building chironomid larvae anglers call bloodworms.
Les Wheatley tempted three rainbows on a Buzzer from the west end, with Bloodworms also a good tempter late in the season.
In the godwit droppings, the researchers were amazed to find bright red larvae called bloodworms.
The guppies who found their way through a simple maze that they'd never seen before encountered a feeder stocked with freeze-dried bloodworms.
At Thrunton, bloodworms and zonkers proved alluring in the top two feet of water on the stormy weekend.
That works, but the strings minus one or two segments also are one of the best imitations of bloodworms and other tiny worms that I've seen.
Top patterns this week include: Bloodworms, Black Buzzers, Blobs, Black or Olive Zonker, Dawson's Olive.
People who collect too many bloodworms for fishing make life tough for migrating shorebirds.