bloody shame

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Noun1.bloody shame - a Bloody Mary made without alcoholbloody shame - a Bloody Mary made without alcohol  
Bloody Mary - a cocktail made with vodka and spicy tomato juice
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Another neighbour added: "I know the owner of the car and it's such a bloody shame. He works so hard and for what?
A STAR Lisa "It's a bloody shame, because this is a great club and we are all doing everything we can.
Others branded it as "disgusting" and a "vile health hazard", while one said: "What a bloody shame!!
What's the world actually coming to?" Jacki Bryce added: "Bloody shame. RIP Conner xxx."
"It's a bloody shame. You're in a complex like this and think you're going to be safe."
It's a bloody shame because most of us expats pay our bills on time.
It's the same the whole world over ain't it a bloody shame!" Would a change of government help?
I don't like to go on about it because people don't like to hear somebody moaning all the time but it is a bloody shame, I'll tell you."
A Bloody Mary, but known in Australia as a Bloody Shame.
News of the pledge came as Prince Philip saw the damage at first hand, branding the fire "a bloody shame".