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a small handheld electrical appliance that emits a flow of heated air, used to dry and often style the hair.
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First he applied a bit of mousse to dampen her locks and used a blow-dryer to give her hair more volume.
For example, try counting how many seconds it takes to dry your hands under a blow-dryer or how long each clap of thunder lasts.
Use the brush to ensure the heat from the blow-dryer is evenly distributed along the length of your hair.
Looking for a good blow-dryer, hair straightener or mascara?
To get her models ready for their close-ups, Bloomfield will sometimes even use a blow-dryer to create a windswept effect.
A DOG suffered severe burns at a pet beautician's after being "cooked" under a giant blow-dryer.
La Femme trompee (The deceived woman), 2001, is a scene that might have been taken from Greuze; Les Baigneurs (The bathers), 2000, echoes Eakins; and Femme sa toilette (Woman at her toilet), 2000, updates Degas with a blow-dryer.
Continue working with a brush and blow-dryer until hair is dry.
She picked up a copy of the video, which showed people having sex on a barber chair, at a blow-dryer station and on the table Domnicz used to perform facials for her clients, she said.
Heat your metal lash curler with your blow-dryer for a few seconds.