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 (blō′ôf′, -ŏf′)
1. Something, such as a gas, that is blown off.
2. A device or channel for blowing off something.
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(ˈbloʊˌɔf, -ˌɒf)

1. a current of escaping surplus steam, etc.
2. a temporary, sudden surge, as in prices.
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* When coatings are dried with an air current (blowoff), sometimes the blown air removes too much coating, leaving a bare spot or areas with a layer of coating that is too thin.
EXAIR manufactures Intelligent Compressed Air products that provide innovative ways to blowoff, dry, cool, vacuum, convey, lift and eliminate static electricity.
Cetegen, "Blowoff characteristics of bluff-body stabilized conical premixed flames with upstream spatial mixture gradients and velocity oscillations," Combustion and Flame, vol.
And we can clean off persons entering the clean room in blowoff chambers."
After Strowman defeated Roman Reigns at ( WWE Payback , the wrestlers were expected to have their blowoff match on June 4 at Extreme Rules, WWE's next "Monday Night Raw" PPV.
Kudo, "Determining factor for the blowoff limit of a flame spreading in an opposed turbulent flow, in a narrow solid-fuel duct," Combustion and Flame, vol.
The theme of the higher education bubble may be overworked--unlike most professors at elite institutions--but the mushrooming ranks of professors of sustainability are likely to mark the blowoff stage of academic decay.
Since the hardcore-cum-alternative-rock band broke up in 1988, the New York-born artist has released a number of solo acoustic albums, fronted the '90S alt band Sugar, experimented with electronic music and DJed a roving party called Blowoff that specializes in "gay bear disco." This summer, he'll release a solo album called Beauty and Ruin, with introspective, lyric-driven songs full of the power chords and rock-pop hooks that he first perfected with Du.
"At this point, the only way to extend the singularity beyond the present date is to envision a nearly vertical pre-crash blowoff," he writes, adding that an "accelerating volatility at micro-intervals" that he is also currently seeing "is closely related to log-periodicity."