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a. A sudden rupture or bursting, as of an automobile tire.
b. The hole made by such a rupture.
2. A sudden escape of a confined gas or liquid, as from a well.
3. Informal
a. A large party or other social affair: "Lunch was a billion-calorie blowout beside the pool" (Vanity Fair).
b. A lopsided victory or thorough defeat.
c. A sale in which the discounts are unusually large.
4. A treatment, as at a beauty salon, in which the hair is washed, blown dry, and styled without being cut.



1. a sudden bursting or rupture of an automobile tire.
2. a sudden or violent escape of air, steam, or liquid, esp. an uncontrollable escape of oil, gas, or water from a well.
4. a lavish party or entertainment.
5. Also called blow′out sale′. a quick sale of retail merchandise at very low prices.
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Noun1.blowout - an easy victoryblowout - an easy victory      
triumph, victory - a successful ending of a struggle or contest; "a narrow victory"; "the general always gets credit for his army's victory"; "clinched a victory"; "convincing victory"; "the agreement was a triumph for common sense"
2.blowout - a sudden malfunction of a part or apparatus; "the right front tire had a blowout"; "as a result of the blowout we lost all the lights"
malfunction - a failure to function normally
3.blowout - a gay festivityblowout - a gay festivity      
festivity, celebration - any joyous diversion


1. A violent release of confined energy, usually accompanied by a loud sound and shock waves:
2. Slang. A big, exuberant party:
Slang: bash, blast.
انْطِلاقُ البُخار أو الغاز
prasknutíprudký únik
snöggt loft- eîa vökvaútstreymisprunginn hjólbarîi


[ˈbləʊˌaʊt] n (fam) (big meal) → abbuffata; (of tyre) → scoppio; (of fuse) → corto circuito


(bləu) past tense blew (blu) : past participle blown verb
1. (of a current of air) to be moving. The wind blew more strongly.
2. (of eg wind) to cause (something) to move in a given way. The explosion blew off the lid.
3. to be moved by the wind etc. The door must have blown shut.
4. to drive air (upon or into). Please blow into this tube!
5. to make a sound by means of (a musical instrument etc). He blew the horn loudly.
ˈblowhole noun
a breathing-hole (through the ice for seals etc) or a nostril (especially on the head of a whale etc).
ˈblow-lamp, ˈblow-torch noun
a lamp for aiming a very hot flame at a particular spot. The painter burned off the old paint with a blow-lamp.
ˈblowout noun
1. the bursting of a car tyre. That's the second blowout I've had with this car.
2. (on eg an oil rig) a violent escape of gas etc.
ˈblowpipe noun
a tube from which a dart (often poisonous) is blown.
blow one's top
to become very angry. She blew her top when he arrived home late.
blow out
to extinguish or put out (a flame etc) by blowing. The wind blew out the candle; The child blew out the match.
blow over
to pass and become forgotten. The trouble will soon blow over.
blow up
1. to break into pieces, or be broken into pieces, by an explosion. The bridge blew up / was blown up.
2. to fill with air or a gas. He blew up the balloon.
3. to lose one's temper. If he says that again I'll blow up.
References in classic literature ?
I can borrow a dime from the barber, an' I got enough junk to hock for a blowout.
The cause of the blowout remains unknown, though state officials surmise it may have been caused by hydraulic fracturing of a nearby well in a situation referred to in the industry as "communication" between wells.
Pipeline leak detection devices, blowout preventers, and double hulling of ships are some of the major technologies used in pre-oil spill management.
Chemical Safety Board zeroes in on what went wrong with the blowout preventer and blames bad management and operations.
You're kicking off your Blowout Tour in glorious Belfast this weekend at Club Mono, how excited are you to be coming back to the Northern Irish crowd?
NEW ORLEANS, July 24, 2013 (AP) -- An out-of-control natural gas well off the Louisiana coast has caught fire, hours after a blowout that prompted the evacuation of 44 workers.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Deputy head of the National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC) Mehran Mokvandi said Iran has contained an oil well blowout successfully.
Jim Roy, representing individuals and businesses hurt by the spill, said BP wanted to "cut costs and rush the job" before the blowout of its Macondo well triggered the explosion.
Combining information from a special committee created by the National Academy of Engineering and National Research Council, the Marine Board of Investigation, and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcements, this report examines the causes of the April 2010 blowout of the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico, and provides a series of recommendations, for both the oil and gas industry and government regulators, to reduce the likelihood and impact of future losses of well control during offshore drilling.
Graham Dench (Senior analyst) Blowout She looks streets ahead of our best sprinters and could clean up while she's here, but she has only a small window in which to make her mark and if she is not 100 per cent for any reason when due to travel she might not come at all.
During more than 20 years of touring with the Blues Harmonica Blowout, Mark Hummel never has brought the show to Eugene.
The occurrence of an orbital blowout fracture caused by nose blowingis an unusual phenomenon.