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 (blo͞o′chər, -kər)
1. A high shoe or half boot.
2. A shoe having the vamp and tongue made of one piece and the quarters lapping over the vamp.

[After Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher.]


(ˈbluːkə; -tʃə)
(Clothing & Fashion) obsolete a high shoe with laces over the tongue
[C19: named after Field Marshal Blücher]


(German ˈblyçər)
(Biography) Gebhard Leberecht von (ˈɡɛphart ˈleːbərɛçt fɔn). 1742–1819, Prussian field marshal, who commanded the Prussian army against Napoleon at Waterloo (1815)


(ˈblu kər, -tʃər)

a shoe having the vamp and tongue made of one piece and overlapped by the quarters, which lace across the instep.
[1825–35; after German. Latin. von Blücher]


(ˈblu kər, -tʃər)

Geb•hart Le•be•recht von (ˈgɛp hɑrt ˈleɪ bəˌrɛxt fən) 1742–1819, Prussian field marshal.
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Noun1.Blucher - Prussian general who is remembered for his leadership in the wars against Napoleon (1742-1819)
full general, general - a general officer of the highest rank
2.Blücher - a high shoe with laces over the tongueblucher - a high shoe with laces over the tongue
shoe - footwear shaped to fit the foot (below the ankle) with a flexible upper of leather or plastic and a sole and heel of heavier material
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They could exchange their views concerning the Duke of Wellington, whose conduct in the Catholic Question had thrown such an entirely new light on his character; and speak slightingly of his conduct at the battle of Waterloo, which he would never have won if there hadn't been a great many Englishmen at his back, not to speak of Blucher and the Prussians, who, as Mr.
I don't believe he would have gone away, if Blucher had not happened to break his chain and come running round on the gravel-- for I was in the garden; so I said, `You'd better go away--the dog is very fierce, and I can't hold him.
Vail arrived very much as Blucher did at the battle of Waterloo--a trifle late, but in time to prevent the telephone forces from being routed by the Old Guard of the Western Union.
As he spoke he came in among them for shelter, and propped his spade against the wall of the chalet, kicking the soil from his hobnailed blucher boots, which were new.
He was, altogether, as roystering and swaggering a young gentleman as ever stood four feet six, or something less, in the bluchers.
Then the sleepless Boots went shirking round from door to door, gathering up at each the Bluchers, Wellingtons, Oxonians, which stood outside.
said one of the gentlemen, in a brown coat and brass buttons, inky drabs, and bluchers, at the conclusion of some inaudible relation of his previous evening's adventures.
BLUCHER Blue Star claimed a 5-1 victory over Blakelaw Social in the NFA Sunday Cup.
A 23-year-old man died after his pick-up truck smashed into a Chinese takeaway, a lamppost and the wall of an old church in Blucher, near Walbottle.
Potential splits were nonetheless avoided within this army, or at least minimized, in part thanks to the leadership qualities of Blucher himself, who won the respect of his Russian subordinates.
1815: The Battle of Waterloo was fought, where combined forces led by the Duke of Wellington and Prussian Field Marshal Blucher defeated Napoleon.
Noble will play his hunchbacked bug-eyed servant Igor, while Joseph will take on the role of housekeeper Frau Blucher.