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A short heavy club, usually of wood, that is thicker or loaded at one end.
tr.v. bludg·eoned, bludg·eon·ing, bludg·eons
1. To hit with a heavy club or similar blunt instrument.
2. To strike with strong force: "The fields were often baked by the sun and bludgeoned by savage thunderstorms" (Linda Hasselstrom).
3. To overcome, often by intimidation or coercion.

[Origin unknown.]

bludg′eon·er, bludg′eon·eer′ (-ə-nîr′) n.
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Noun1.bludgeoner - an assailant who uses a bludgeon
aggressor, assailant, assaulter, attacker - someone who attacks
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If McCullum is a bludgeoner, Kohli is all about caressing the ball through the gaps; both equally effective and exciting to watch.
Rajasthan have been hugley impressive, but if Pollock could keep bludgeoner Graeme Smith quiet at the top of the order, a confident Mumbai could put a squeeze on.
that two chaps like the Wildes who could not earn 200 [pounds sterling] a year by fair production of work are put up as personages [...] yet thosemen, whose English I used to correct amid agonies untold are regarded, I believe, as good journalists, while I am supposed to be a brutal bludgeoner. Can you explain this?