blue bull

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: bull - large Indian antelopeblue bull - large Indian antelope; male is blue-grey with white markings; female is brownish with no horns
antelope - graceful Old World ruminant with long legs and horns directed upward and backward; includes gazelles; springboks; impalas; addax; gerenuks; blackbucks; dik-diks
Boselaphus, genus Boselaphus - Indian antelopes: nilgais
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I forget whether it was the Blue Bull, or the Blue Boar; but I know it was the Blue Something, and that its likeness was painted up on the back of the coach.
His coat and breeches were the best he had, and he would not have been wearing them on this weekday occasion if he had not been to market and returned later than usual, having given himself the rare treat of dining at the public table of the Blue Bull.
LAHORE -- Specail team of wildlife deputed for monitoring border area with the help of personnel of Pakistan Rangers caught male blue bull and shifted it to wildlife Park Chhanga Manga.
According to details, officers of Pakistan Rangers informed about Male Blue Bull entering to Pakistan by crossing Indian border at border areas of Kanganpur District Kasur, upon which, special team of Wildlife Department headed by Deputy Director Wildlife Lahore Region Dr.
Will declaring blue bull a vermin fast- track the extinction of blackbuck, an endangered species with which it co- exists, besides amplifying illegal trade in animal body parts?
I buckled my blue bull with a shot at 65 yards, levered the gun, and smacked it again behind the shoulder as it leapt and ran, dropping it instantly.
These old boys are commonly called blue bulls, and I had decided I would shoot only a blue bull.
This Belgian blue bull weighs around 640 kilograms (1,400 pounds).
The teams were Baby Baa Baas, The Bridgend Reds, Llanharan Bulldogs, Blue Bull Heffalumps, Brackla RFC, Rochdale Swarm, Aberystwyth1, The Situation, Blue Bull Heifers and Celtic Barbarians.
CARDIFF BLUES won the plate nal in the World Club 7s, and Luke Morgan insisted his side got their just rewards with victory over Blue Bulls.
And although their Super Rugby franchise's efforts were well short of last year's surprise runnersup spot and they have a new boardroom and coaching structure to bed in, the Sharks' confidence levels seem no worse than traditional main rivals last year's winners Western Province and the Blue Bulls.
46 THE Bonymaen Broncos continued their unbeaten run and became only the third team to beat the Blue Bulls on their home ground with a deserved 46-10 victory.