blue devil

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: devil - a coarse prickly European weed with spikes of blue flowersblue devil - a coarse prickly European weed with spikes of blue flowers; naturalized in United States
herb, herbaceous plant - a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests
Echium, genus Echium - a genus of bristly herbs and shrubs of the family Boraginaceae devil - the sodium salt of amobarbital that is used as a barbiturateblue devil - the sodium salt of amobarbital that is used as a barbiturate; used as a sedative and a hypnotic
amobarbital - a barbiturate with sedative and hypnotic effects; used to relieve insomnia and as an anticonvulsant
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And yet it has not the blue devils, but the blue angels in it, in the azure tint of its waters.
Blue devils, hypochondria, and doleful dumps, went and hid themselves among the nooks and crannies of the rocks.
At any rate, the blues were gone, and the blue devils had not put in an appearance.
He was evidently finding Mademoiselle Noemie extremely interesting; the blue devils had departed, leaving the field clear.
And in this incarnation of Blue Devil basketball, nobody represents the Duke archetype better than Grayson Allen, the smirking, strutting guard who's become a conduit for everything people think and feel about his team.
"Robert is expected to make a massive impact immediately on the Blue Devil team and will be an instrumental player in building a championship team this season."
One O'clock Jump is shaped from oral history interviews "through which we grasp [the Blue Devil's] significance as a remarkable band that stayed alive more in the memory of old timers than in published histories of music" (15).
And one of their most controversial new recruits is Daniel Patrick Cassidy - aka The Blue Devil - who stars in a new comic strip mini-series called "Infinite Crisis".
Valterra Products Inc., a manufacturer of pool equipment and accessories, has purchased Blue Devil, a manufacturer of pool maintenance equipment and a division of Advantis Technologies Inc.
Richard Porter has appealed to the Chatham School Committee to remove the Blue Devil mascot from the high school.
Researchers there named the tiny male Blue Devil, in honor of the university's winning men's basketball team.