blue flu

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blue flu

A sickout, especially by uniformed police officers.

[From the blue color of most police officers' uniforms.]

blue′ flu′

organized absenteeism among police officers or firefighters, esp. to circumvent laws prohibiting a formal strike.
[1965–70; from the color of such workers' uniforms]
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THE blue flu affecting Fianna Fail MEPs seems to be catching.
The move - dubbed the Green Flu - is similar to that taken by Gardai in the Republic two years ago during an infamous Blue Flu strike.
Landlord Brian Sproul said: "There's one or two people gone down with the Blue Flu.
The Government has already been crippled by the Blue Flu initiated by the Gardai.
Further Blue Flu actions are planned, as well as special protests focusing on events such as the Irish Derby and next month's first-ever staging in Ireland of the start of the prestigious Tour de France cycle race.
The anger in the force is such that some form of action, including another blue flu, cannot be ruled out.