blue line

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or blue line  (blo͞o′līn′)
Either of two blue lines running across an ice-hockey rink, usually 60 feet from each goal, and dividing the rink into defensive, neutral, and offensive zones.

blue′ line`

either of two parallel lines that extend the width of an ice-hockey rink and divide it into three zones.
References in classic literature ?
The brittle blue line had withstood the blows and won.
Their provisions were now exhausted, and they and their horses almost ready to give out with fatigue and hunger; when one afternoon, just as the sun was sinking behind a blue line of distant mountain, they came to the brow of a height from which they beheld the smooth valley of the Immahah stretched out in smiling verdure below them.
Daylight was waning, a splendid sun, like a red steel buckler, was plunging the lower extremity of its disc beneath the blue line of the sea.
From nearly all the windows of the house I can look out across the plain, with no obstacle in the shape of a hill, right away to a blue line of distant forest, and on the west side uninterruptedly to the setting sun--nothing but a green, rolling plain, with a sharp edge against the sunset.
The eyes of both were fixed upon the spot indicated by the sailor, and on the blue line separating the sky from the Mediterranean Sea, they perceived a large white sail.
Everything stood solid in its familiar place; the apple tree was too small to support or hide a climber; the only shed stood open and obviously empty; there was no sound save the droning of summer flies and the occasional flutter of a bird unfamiliar enough to be surprised by the scarecrow in the field; there was scarcely a shadow save a few blue lines that fell from the thin tree; every detail was picked out by the brilliant day light as if in a microscope.
A large scale map of Goat Island marked with red and blue lines to show these strategic movements would no doubt have displayed much interlacing, but as a matter of fact neither side saw anything of the other throughout that age-long day of tedious alertness.
Taichung Metro blue line is planning to extend its routes to Changhua and Nantou.
He reiterated Lebanon's position, which considered that the Blue Line does not match the international boundary lines.
Also in the area, there are 5 tourist facilities along the blue line that causes numerous incidents during the summer months that frequently cause violations of the Blue Line.
The Blue Line tzimer in this small moshav in northern Israel has many amenities: large flat-screen television, leather sectional couch, billiards table, barbecue pit.
In late January, initial clearance for the Blue Line arrived from the Planning Committee of the city.