blue plate special

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blue′ plate` spe′cial

a specially priced main course on a restaurant menu, typically of meat, potatoes, and a vegetable.
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But if you are in the mood for a seriously good cheeseburger, or a blue plate special, the Ebenezer Big Store will be worth your drive from almost any part of the state.
Blue Plate Oysterette is donating 15% of every Blue Plate Special sold during the month of September.
From family memories and bonds to how food has changed her life, Blue Plate Special is lively writing at its best: a powerful saga filled with delicious memories, reflections and food universe encounters, perfect for any collection strong in literary food writing.
When you become the leader of an organization, it's sort of like a blue plate special.
A single T-post that used to cost no more than a cup of coffee now costs the same as a blue plate special without the pie.
Among those leading the "action" pack, The Mermaid Inn, with locations in the East Village and on the Upper West Side of New York City, did a March email blast to 35,000 guests telling them about its Blue Plate Special, a Lobster Sandwich with Old Bay Fries and a Blue Point beer for $20.
Blue Plate Special DemoYou've heard of "Blue Plate Specials," but maybe not in connection with blue cheese.
Readers are provided with an opening chapter on Chicago's culinary history titled 'Bear Wars, Old Polish Geezers, Politics and Street Booze including Weird Stuff Behind the Bar in Jars', then goes on to celebrate the corner bakery, cafeteria cuisine (including the famous Blue Plate Special and ethnic sandwiches), and on to recipes that range from Kreplach; Chicken Cacciatore; Pizza Sausage; and Gert's Creamy Coleslaw; to Mama D's Meatball Sandwich; Curried Crab Salad Dip; Jerusalem Salad; Juan's Breakfast Taco with Chorizo, Potato and Egg; and Fiery Pepper Beef in Lettuce Cups.
Sometimes, they watched an older sister (or an unmarried aunt) get "dolled up" for a Saturday night dance or envied an older brother who strolled into a diner and ordered a blue plate special.
Bambara's lunch deal is the traditional Blue Plate Special, synonymous with plenty of victuals at a reasonable price.
Hence, the old advertisement, "all you can eat, blue plate special," came about because people eat less food off a blue plate.