blue streak

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blue streak

n. Informal
1. Something moving very fast.
2. A rapid and seemingly interminable stream of words: curse a blue streak.

[Probably in allusion to a bolt of lightning.]

blue′ streak′

something that moves along very quickly.
talk a blue streak, to talk rapidly and continuously.
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He landed a job working on the UK's Blue Streak nuclear missile and Black Arrow launch vehicle.
Goldblum's Grandmaster only had a blue streak running down his chin, and his hair and clothes showed hints of blue.
Blue Streak Metallic exterior paint is now a regular production colour on the Camry SE and XSE, having only been previously available on the 2016 Camry Special Edition.
com)-- Blue Streak Designs today announced their May 2016 free t-shirt sweepstakes.
The Intercept Axon LT comes with factory-matched components including a rope cocker, quick-detach three-bolt quiver with side bracket, three Maxima Blue Streak 20-inch crossbolts, rail lubricant, three practice points and a 4x32 deluxe lighted scope.
Made up of entirely new construction, it includes parks, a public K-8 elementary school, shops and restaurants including Sweetleaf Coffee and Tea, Shi Asian Restaurant, Blue Streak Wines, Food Cellar Market, Duane Reade, and MoMA PS1.
The Mallard, known as The Blue Streak, at Barkston Junction before departure on the record breaking run
But siren Liza Minnelli, 67, went further with a blue streak in her hair.
Thanks to the leaked image (seen below) of the HTC 606w, we can see that there seem to be some remnants of the HTC First's design here (the Facebook phone), with a blue streak running around the screen, and the top and bottom bits housing the speaker grill.
I saw, like, a blue streak from the sky coming down.
One of the more recent excursions - with packed lunch minus Champagne - was to the Blue Streak rocket site at Spadeadam.
I've always wanted a blue streak in my hair but my mother wouldn't let me.