blue streak

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blue streak

n. Informal
1. Something moving very fast.
2. A rapid and seemingly interminable stream of words: curse a blue streak.

[Probably in allusion to a bolt of lightning.]

blue′ streak′

something that moves along very quickly.
talk a blue streak, to talk rapidly and continuously.
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A WORKMAN cleans part of Blue Streak, a British-built rocket, in the National Space Centre in Leicester.
DIAMOND thief Martin Lawrence stars in the comedy Blue Streak (Columbia Tri-Star Home Video, pounds 13.
Windsor stage the first evening meeting of the summer season with the Sir Michael Stoute-trained three-year-old Blue Streak making most appeal in the Storacall Telecommunications Maiden Stakes.
The Dodge Dart Blacktop vehicle will be available in seven exterior colours, - Redline Red, Header Orange, Blue Streak, Granite Crystal Metallic, Billet Silver, Pitch Black and Bright White.
Before I knew it, I had sent a two-blade Rage and a Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak through the buck's heart at 22 yards
The blue streak enables users to download high-definition feature-length films in under a minute.
He achieved success with his own sitcom Martin, which ran between 1992 and 1997, and went on to appear in several movie blockbusters, including Bad Boys, Big Momma's House and Blue Streak.
Celebrating special anniversaries this summer are: Blue Streak (45 years); Cedar Creek Mine Ride (40 years); Jr.
It is claimed Blue Streak had a 100% success in test launching, but because the Blue Streak would need a 30- minute preparation time for launch and only a four-minute warning was available, it left them very vulnerable.
It showcases the Blue Streak project carried out at RAF Spadeadam in Cumbria and includes photographs, videos, recordings and models.
Victory went to Blue Streak, whose trainer Gary Moore said: "I thought that we only had Sweet Senorita to beat, so when she went at the first the race was there for the taking.
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