or blue′-rinsed`,

of, for, or composed mostly of elderly women: the blue-rinse matinee audience.
[1975–80; so called from the bluish tinge produced by certain rinses used on gray hair]
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On many nights, my arse was pinched by the blue-rinse brigade.
Caroline became a national treasure in the 90s when she played blue-rinse chat show host Mrs Merton.
Caroline became a national treasure in the 1990s when she played the mischievous, twinkly-eyed, blue-rinse chat show host Mrs Merton.
Do you know how much a good haircut and blue-rinse is now-a-days?
The Pontcanna blue-rinse set need to shop around - pop down to Canton, visit very good but extremely cheaper shops - supermarkets for real value and friendly service.
True, some of its models--including Dannii Minogue--got ditched last week, amid worries their lithe and limber figures were alienating the blue-rinse brigade.
But we can report that the blue-rinse brigade have been happy to pose, giggling, for souvenir snaps of their trip to Brum - in front of the club's banner, which reads: THE ROCKET CLUB WELCOMES THE TORIES (There's nothing conservative about us
Another told Bavaria Radio, "Busloads of blue-rinse old dears arriving here give us all the willies.
More interested in having their highlights done and going clubbing than joining the blue-rinse brigade, this film meets the women who were teen mums and whose children have become teen parents as well.
And you know, maybe not a bad idea for the rest of us to try when old blue-rinse Margaret Thatcher finally bows out.
Material such as Solitaire and classic Music To Watch Girls By had the blue-rinse crowd in raptures.
SEXY Italian Sophie Sandolo has launched a crusade to rid women's golf of its prudish, tweed skirt and blue-rinse image.