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achromatic, neutral - having no hue; "neutral colors like black or white"
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It was nine that night when their train reached Kingsport, and they found themselves in the blue-white glare of the crowded station.
A bright fire was glowing in the old-fashioned Waterloo stove and blue-white frost crystals were shining on the windowpanes.
Then the storm died out in long, separated, vicious dags of blue-white flame, followed by a single roar like the roar of a mortar-battery, and the shaken air tingled under the stars as it got back to silence.
Then Kala Nag reached the crest of the ascent and stopped for a minute, and Little Toomai could see the tops of the trees lying all speckled and furry under the moonlight for miles and miles, and the blue-white mist over the river in the hollow.
It blazed in the morning light - all red and blue and green flashes, picked out with the vicious blue-white spurt of a diamond here and there.
Another option could be former military Chief of General Staff Benny Gantz, who leads the Blue-White faction and like the Likud, has 35 mandates.
To approximate the color temperature of the sun's natural light, the unit's reflector geometry emits a tightly controlled blue-white light beam making it easier for the human eye to see 25 feet out, enhancing safety while reducing eye fatigue.
From the National Forest Corporation (CONAF) to the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture, they shared in social media a photo of the huge blue-white ice block 350 meters in length and 380 meters in width lying in the waters of the ice lagoon near the southern tip of the South America.
blue-white bowls of halved nectarines, she tells me her wedding day was