blue-winged teal

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teal - any of various small short-necked dabbling river ducks of Europe and America
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He stresses that birds inspire joy, a deeper understanding of the environment, and greater intimacy between people, capturing the unadulterated thrill of spotting a white ibis, the serendipity of seeing a blue-winged teal, and the rejuvenation of becoming more attuned to nature.
Blue-winged teal numbers have been increasing steadily since the 1990s, and currently stand at 60 percent above the long-term average, with 7.8 million breeding pairs.
An H7N9 LPAI closely related to the Tennessee and Alabama H7N9 viruses was previously detected on September 7, 2016, in a Wildlife Services wild bird surveillance pooled oropharyngeal and cloacal swab sample collected from a blue-winged teal in Goshen County, Wyoming, geographically located within the North American Central Migratory Flyway.
Non-target species captured included three unknown sex black-crowned night herons Nycticorax nycticorax, two female blue-winged teal Anas discors, and two unknown sex painted turtles Chrysemys picta (Table 2).
Population: Real population comprisedof blue-winged teal (BWT) data and green-winged teal (GWT) data collected (Smith et al.,1995)were counts of two species of waterfowl in 50 100-km2 quadrats in central Florida.
In an act of kindness we could never repay, he abandoned his decoys and led us to a spot where he'd located a flock of blue-winged teal the previous morning.
Homing and reproductive habits of mallards, gadwall, and blue-winged teal. Wildl.
When I look back on the week, we saw a fine mix of bufflehead, green-wing teal, black duck, northern shoveler, ruddy ducks, hooded mergansers, blue-winged teal, bluebills, mallards, long-tailed ducks, common scoters, tundra swan and Canada geese.
Blue-winged teal are doing well with 8.5 million birds -- 75 percent above the long-term average.
Earlier this year, Kaminski and his current and past graduate students received the Blue-winged Teal Award from the U.S.
Cloacal shedding was rarely detected (0.1% prevalence) among native waterfowl and was observed in 1 blue-winged teal (Anas discors) and 1 mottled duck (Anas fulvigula).