blue-winged teal

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teal - any of various small short-necked dabbling river ducks of Europe and America
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HUNTER: Ned Pyatt, Victoria, TX BAND #: 1155-46920 SPECIES: Blue-Winged Teal (D) BANDED: 08/18/2016 LOCATION: Near Edam, SK RECOVERED: 09/09/2017 LOCATION: 2.
An H7N9 LPAI closely related to the Tennessee and Alabama H7N9 viruses was previously detected on September 7, 2016, in a Wildlife Services wild bird surveillance pooled oropharyngeal and cloacal swab sample collected from a blue-winged teal in Goshen County, Wyoming, geographically located within the North American Central Migratory Flyway.
Population: Real population comprisedof blue-winged teal (BWT) data and green-winged teal (GWT) data collected (Smith et al.
In an act of kindness we could never repay, he abandoned his decoys and led us to a spot where he'd located a flock of blue-winged teal the previous morning.
Homing and reproductive habits of mallards, gadwall, and blue-winged teal.
When I look back on the week, we saw a fine mix of bufflehead, green-wing teal, black duck, northern shoveler, ruddy ducks, hooded mergansers, blue-winged teal, bluebills, mallards, long-tailed ducks, common scoters, tundra swan and Canada geese.
An American Blue-winged Teal was on the Border Pool at RSPB Burton Mere Wetlands, presumably having arrived in a previous autumn.
Other waterfowl regularly seen are mallards, black ducks, wood ducks, blue-winged teal and mergansers.
But a blue-winged teal has been drawing bird watchers to a Llanelli lake since taking up residence at Sandy Water Park in the town's Millennium Coastal Park.
As many as 13 million ducks and geese winter in the Gulf, with blue-winged teal being the first species to arrive, generally in late August and early September.
Migratory species that may be affected include the Lesser Scaup, Blue-winged Teal, Common Loon, American White Pelican, Northern Gannet, Peregrine Falcon, Northern Harrier, Piping Plover, Sanderling, and Red Knot.