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blue blood

also blue·blood (blo͞o′blŭd′)
1. Noble or aristocratic descent.
2. A member of the aristocracy.

[Translation of Spanish sangre azul : sangre, blood + azul, blue (probably from the visible veins of fair-complexioned aristocrats).]

blue′-blood′ed (-blŭd′ĭd) adj.


an aristocratic person
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The evening will raise funds for St Mary's College and a donation will be made to the Blueblood Foundation.
But the club's charity, the Blueblood Foundation, has warned that some supporters may miss out, after mistakenly mailing their season ticket renewal forms to the charity's PO Box.
Organisers of the event, Blue Nose Promotions, made a donation of that amount to the club's registered charity, the Blueblood Foundation.
Laurence Lee, chairman of charity Blueblood which looks after the welfare of former Everton players, also rejects any idea of a tenancy.
Unsworth's testimonial season starts with a friendly against Athletic Bilbao on August 10 and a large slice of the proceeds will go to the registered charity, known as the Blueblood Foundation.
While the other events may make donations to Blueblood, Unsworth has asked the foundation to organise and host his dinner.
The Blueblood Foundation, as it is commonly known, was established two years ago as a benevolent fund to support exEverton players who need help after leaving the game.
On the big screen the play, which is set in a residential home for retired musicians, starred a trio of Britain's blueblood acting talent - Maggie Smith, Tom Courtenay and Billy Connolly - along with West End theatre actress Sheridan Smith.
One half Bitcoin gets a full year mega-pass membership to BlueBlood.
Dr Yes is another who boasts a true blueblood pedigree but the Marriott Hotel & Country Club Maiden Stakes at Lingfield appears an accurate reflection of his ability at present.
However, the Italian blueblood, whose ancient family has ties to Pope Innocenzo XII, fired back Monday, calling Sayigh a shakedown artist - and an "unattractive" one at that.