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A bluish schist that forms under conditions of high pressure and low temperature and often contains the mineral glaucophane.
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Eight specimens, including granite, rhyolite, blueschist, septarian concretions, and a triolibite, were loaned to WMI from the geology collections at the University of Southern Indiana.
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Lawsonite blueschist in northern Qilian, NW China: P-T pseudosections and petrologic implications, Journal of Asian Earth Sciences.
The Study area is a part of the Kot-Pranghar Melange Zone, which is comprised of rocks of ophiolitic sequence and is located at the northern tip of the Indian plate in the vicinity of Indus Suture Zone (ISZ) or Main Mantle Thrust (MMT) along which a thick imbricated melange zone of greenschist, blueschist, and serpentinite intervenes between the Kohistan Arc and the Indian Plate.
After discussion of the geology of the Eastern Mediterranean, the guide presents a two-day field guide to outcrops in Samos Island, Greece, then a six-day guide that explores the Antolide Belt in western Turkey where the Menderes nappes form the tectonic footwall below the Cycladic Blueschist Unit, sections across the Bozdag and Aydin Mountains, and the southern margin of the Menderes Massif in the Milas-Selimiye area.
Most samples are metabasalts that belong to the chlorite zone of the greenschist facies, but other rock types include metagrey wackes and a metabasalt of the prehnite/ pumpellyite facies, and a glaucophanic metachert and glaucophanic metabasalt of the blueschist facies.
Stuart pole was just one of six impossible things before breakfast, along with news of exotic, Asian faunas near Cache Creek in the BC interior; Franciscan-type blueschist belts embedded deep in the central Cordillera near Fort St.
Exotic Terrane Accretion and Blueschist Emplacement
A new geological map of the island of Syros (Aegean Sea, Greece); implications for lithostratigraphy and structural history of the Cycladic Blueschist Unit.
2008) referring to the metamorphic rocks exposed in the northern sector of the Serrania deJarara and Serrania de Macuira and consisting of a large lithologic variety such as quartzite, quartz-schist, graphite schist, talc- tremolite schist and phyllite associated with blocks of serpentinites, gabbros, and blueschist.
P-T trajectories that pass above the invariant point) most mafic rocks show a progression from zeolite or blueschist facies to pumpellyite-actinolite facies to greenschist facies.
Comment on Redistribution of trace elements during prograde metamorphism from lawsonite blueschist to eclogite facies; implications for deep subduction-zone processes by C.