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(Astronomy) a shift in the spectral lines of a stellar spectrum towards the blue end of the visible region relative to the wavelengths of these lines in the terrestrial spectrum: a result of the Doppler effect caused by stars approaching the solar system. Compare redshift
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a shift toward shorter wavelengths of the spectral lines of a celestial object, caused by the motion of the object toward the observer.
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Astronomers, according to ( Sci-News , are of the view that the blueshift is caused by the colossal mass of the Virgo cluster accelerating its members to high velocities on bizarre and peculiar objects, sending them whirling around on paths that take them both toward and away from us over time.
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The specific interaction is marked by the greatly decreased intensity and obvious blueshift in the hydroxyls absorption and by the appearance of a weak band at 1114 [cm.sup.-1].
To locate them, the team relied on velocity measurements based on redshift and blueshift: how an object's light changes colour as it moves away from or towards an observer.
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For the standard Hawing radiation, all particles very close to the horizon are effectively massless on account of infinite blueshift. Thus, the conformal invariance of the horizon makes Hawing temperatures of all particles the same.
Such mechanism was used to interpret the blueshift in the optical absorption onset across the near-IR and visible regions for nanoparticles with truncated spheroidal shapes grown by sputtering deposition on transparent substrates, upon varying their size from a few tens of nm to a few nm [108].