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n. Derogatory
A woman with strong scholarly or literary interests.

[After the Blue Stocking, Society, a nickname for a predominantly female literary club of 18th-century London (probably so called after the blue worsted stockings commonly worn as part of informal dress at the time).]


usually derogatory a scholarly or intellectual woman
[from the blue worsted stockings worn by members of a C18 literary society]


(ˈbluˌstɒk ɪŋ)

a woman with considerable literary or intellectual ability or interest.
[1780–90; orig., a member of a mid-18th-century London literary circle that included some women (so called from the blue stockings worn by a male participant)]
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Noun1.bluestocking - a woman having literary or intellectual interestsbluestocking - a woman having literary or intellectual interests
adult female, woman - an adult female person (as opposed to a man); "the woman kept house while the man hunted"


(o.f.) [ˈbluːˌstɒkɪŋ] N (= scholarly woman) → literata f, marisabidilla f


blue-stocking [ˈbluːstɒkɪŋ] (old-fashioned) nbas-bleu mblue tit nmésange f bleue
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No, now that she has become a bluestocking she has finally renounced her former infatuations," he told himself.
one of the of the Bluestocking women engaged conversation and intellectual pursuits, Nick Sturge said: "This was a visionary and talented woman who understood the importance of a solid start in life for young people and how this will influence the impact they make on society in later years, in a time when women were rarely afforded the opportunity to influence society.
Bluestocking Feminism and British-German Cultural Transfer; 1750 1837.
The efforts of women (and some men) in Australian higher education to mainstream, normalise--or make ordinary--gender diversity and equity in our curricula and practices has been going on for a long time, right back to the Bluestocking era of the nineteenth century.
She has recently been advising the International Center for Transitional Justice on its work in Kenya , and is a co-founder of the The Bluestocking Institute for Global Peace and Justice, in Australia.
Now a bluestocking woman appears neither in London nor in Durham but in such conservative areas of Afghanistan as Helmand and Kandahar, where it is more than a taboo for women to speak against social evils and to publicly express emotions of love, affection and sexual desire.
A night of 1940s entertainment will also take place, presented by the people behind Swansea's Bluestocking Lounge.
In fact, the only woman I have ever met who was a genuine bluestocking kind of girl, a senior officer with a Yorkshire council, was so scary both men and women kept her way past arms' length.
Her studio drew a public audience, and she was a cultural ambassador throughout the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars as well as a satirized bluestocking, inheritor of Horace Walpole's Strawberry Hill estate, a novelist, and an actress.
There will be lots of great events including talks, workshops, exhibitions and performances - including Bob Kingdom's acclaimed Return Journey, events focusing on to mark the centenary of WWI, a launch of a new edition of Dylan Thomas' Collected Poems with John Goodby and a night of Dylan Thomas-inspired Burlesque from Bluestocking Lounge.
Frankie's arrival in Washington relieved Cleveland's sister Rose, bluestocking and Daughter of Bilitis, of her role as First Lady regent.
56) The latter has gained scholarly attention as a member of the bluestocking circle and she maintained correspondences with other high-profile women of that eighteenth century coterie.