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It was probably owing to this fortification of the natural strength of his constitution with so much exposure to the air, and the salt sea, that Mr Sparkler did not pine outwardly; but, whatever the cause, he was so far from having any prospect of moving his mistress by a languishing state of health, that he grew bluffer every day, and that peculiarity in his appearance of seeming rather a swelled boy than a young man, became developed to an extraordinary degree of ruddy puffiness.
In a number of cases I've been told of, they have the bluffer's number long before the bluffer knows it himself.
An Irish journalist said 'bluffer' - defined as 'an attempt to deceive someone into believing that one knows or will do something' - is the ultimate seal of disapproval from Keane.
But, if you're a good bluffer, filthy lucre is not essential.
IF you've missed what the fuss is about - and want to join in the chatter without watching all 54 episodes screened so far - here's our bluffer's guide.
I sampled four wines at each and in addition received the perfect guide to being a buff, or bluffer in my case.
PROMISING "maximum credibility" for "minimum effort" on an array of subjects from etiquette and wine to fishing and quantum universe, the Bluffer's Guide series has now sold more than five million copies.
So much so that in August 1999 the London Evening Standard felt obliged to publish an hilarious 'Bluffer's Guide' so readers could pretend they had seen it, "thereby allowing dinner party conversations and watercooler debates to run their course unhindered by ignorance."
The painting of the girl walking the dog at the beach is titled "January Thaw, Bluffer's Park, Lake Ontario"
Here's a very short and sweet bluffer's guide to terms you'll hear on the maes...
Travels to Bluffer Art Museum, Houston, fall 2013; SITE Santa Fe, NM, winter 2014.
Using his skills as a bluffer, Jane manages to leave jail and decides to visit his victim's wife house, where he tries to find clues to clear him from the crime.