bluish black

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Adj.1.bluish black - of black tinged with blue
achromatic, neutral - having no hue; "neutral colors like black or white"
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It had, however, broad maculations of bluish black, obviously caused by extravasated blood from contusions.
It is offered in Brilliant Silver, Bluish Black, and Sapphire Metallic Blue.
As for the monotone, the colors to choose from are Solid Jungle Green, Solid Medium Gray, Superior White, Pearl Bluish Black and Metallic Silky Silver.
The word ochronosis refers to the dark bluish black discoloration of connective tissues including the sclera, cornea, auricular cartilage, heart valves, articular cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.
The skin is colored bluish black, the lips are red, and the dark pupils stand out clearly against the white of the eyeballs.
The tumour is uniformly brown or bluish black, although it can present as grey, purple or in red shades.[9] In an amelanotic melanoma, the pigment is absent.
Now look closely at the darkened areas and you will see not only black, but also bluish black, browns, and sometime iridescent colors.
Using them without consulting a doctor can result in hyperpigmentation or ochronosis, a bluish black discolouration of the skin.
It is available in Bluish Black and Pure White colour variants.
Panasonic T31 is available in Bluish Black and Pure White colors and will be available to consumers in India from Second week of October, 2013.
Diseases that increase melanin pigmentation include Addison's disease caused by adrenal dysfunction and produces isolated patches of discoloration varying from bluish black to brown.