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Adj.1.bluish-grey - of grey tinged with blue
achromatic, neutral - having no hue; "neutral colors like black or white"
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Argyria is where the skin becomes a bluish-grey colour.
For many years, silver, grey and bluish-grey cars have dominated our highways, even though, in certain conditions, they are camouflaged against the background of the road, making them harder to see, and hence more accident prone.
Adult males have a bluish-grey back and wings with orange-brown bars on their chest and belly.
The figures depicted in a bluish-grey colour and the food in an orange shade.
It has polished 21-inch 'Propeller' wheels and interiors with light-coloured white-and-taupe seating surfaces, contrasted with caramel stitching and a bluish-grey dash with caramel inserts.
* Bluish-grey discolouration of the skin and mucosa, usually permanent
From an initial bluish-grey colour the sheeting will eventually change to bright orange and then a deep, reddish brown.
The Narova deposits of the Lemovzha and Khotnezha members are represented by brownish or dappled marls with brownishgrey sandstones, bluish-grey siltstone and clay interlayers.
Expressing ECCO's Scandinavian style, the collection features minimalistic designs with simple and modern detailing on the side and comes in a Northern shade of bluish-grey. Serving as a weekend essential, the "versatile ECCO formal collection takes one from museum and designer shopping days to restaurant and theatre nights" - helping enjoy a "comfortable, stylish escape".
Tar melanosis is characterized by the development of asymptomatic small bluish-grey hyperpigmented macules which often merge with each other to form large confluent areas involving face (Figure 3), trunk and extremities and lesions of the forearm and legs tend to be perifollicular.
* In good light, look at the color of your child's lips and face, checking for any bluish-grey color.
On the other hand, after passing a cathodic charge through the composite MDMO-PPV-polyoxometalate film, the bluish-grey colour of the composite film turned red, characteristic of pure MDMOPPV.