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adj. blunt·er, blunt·est
1. Having a dull edge or end; not sharp.
a. Abrupt and often disconcertingly frank in speech: "People [in the Western US] are blunt with one another, sometimes even cruel, believing honesty is stronger medicine than sympathy" (Gretel Ehrlich). See Synonyms at gruff.
b. Stark; unadorned: "The blunt truth ... is that he is devoid of political courage" (Jeff Jacoby).
3. Slow to perceive, understand, or feel; dull or insensitive: "I felt blunt with shock when I heard the news" (Sallie Bingham).
v. blunt·ed, blunt·ing, blunts
1. To dull the edge of (a knife, for example).
2. To make less effective; weaken: blunting the criticism with a smile.
To become blunt: When the scraper blade blunts, you will have to replace it.
1. A cigar whose interior has been hollowed out and filled with marijuana.
2. A marijuana cigarette that has been rolled in a cigar's tobacco leaf wrapper instead of rolling paper.

[Middle English. N., short for Phillies Blunt, a trademark for cigars of a type often used to make blunts.]

blunt′ly adv.
blunt′ness n.
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Adj.1.blunted - made dull or blunt
dull - not having a sharp edge or point; "the knife was too dull to be of any use"
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