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v. blurred, blur·ring, blurs
1. To make indistinct and hazy in outline or appearance; obscure: The haze blurred the skyline.
2. To make dim, unclear, or cloudy: The smoke blurred my vision.
3. To cause to be intellectually indistinguishable: New thinking has blurred the divisions between disciplines.
1. To become visually indistinct: The faces blurred in the crowd.
2. To be unclear or clouded: His vision blurred as the drug took effect.
3. To become intellectually indistinguishable: TV commercials and shows seem to blur into one another.
Something that is hazy and indistinct to the sight or mind.

[Probably akin to Middle English bleren, to blear.]

blur′ri·ness n.
blur′ry adj.
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Noun1.blurriness - the quality of being indistinct and without sharp outlines
opaqueness, opacity - the quality of being opaque to a degree; the degree to which something reduces the passage of light
dimness, faintness - the quality of being dim or lacking contrast
vagueness - indistinctness of shape or character; "the scene had the swirling vagueness of a painting by Turner"
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Beth said on further discussion, she suggested to him that the blurriness might be low-blood sugar because he wasn't eating properly during the day or eye strain from playing chess on a small, cracked screen on the school bus.
Textures are restored with delicate detail offsetting, any visual static is automatically eliminated by video stream compression, low-definition edges are sharpened to avoid blurriness, and any discontinuous lines are restored.
The blurriness of the horizon alone in the midst of darkness cannot in itself deter the strong urge to take a shot as a way of not only experiencing this breathtaking moment but also for recording history for future reference.
The three main camera modes include portrait mode (which has a fixed blurriness level), photo and video.
Vision blurriness and sensitivity to glare, particularly at night, and/or seeing halos are signs of early stage cataract development.
For me, facial blurriness comes with the territory, and I've grown accustomed to it over the years I've been writing fiction.
We really hope we can continue to grow this wonderful event whilst raising much-needed funds for Ty Hafan, where we offer comfort, care, and support to life-limited children and their families." In north Wales Abersoch main beach was the place to be to shake off any New Year's Day blurriness as people threw themselves into the Cardigan Bay waters off the Llyn Peninsula.
Low-light images, whether the Live Bokeh mode worked or not, are a disappointment as you can see a lot of grains and overall blurriness. It's the same story with low-light selfies as well but firing the front flash (where the display turns completely white) helps a little with the brightness.
When the distorted wavefront enters a telescope, its average "tilt" determines the target's position, while the total range of distortion influences the blurriness of the view.
Four days later, she returned to our clinic; she had been using the ofloxacin drops and antihistamine but was experiencing worsening symptoms, including itching of her right eye, associated blurriness, and decreased vision.
Jean-Francois Perouse deals with the blurriness of state limits through the paradigm of the privatisation of state in the sense of non-alignment between the public (interest and services) and the state.
It allows for clear focus, matched with the perfect amount of background blurriness that will make your photos look like real, thus accurately capturing exciting moments.